Previous Events

2013 FALL TECHNICAL MEETINGOctober 25, 2013 H.R. Stackhouse Training Center Bellefonte, PA

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2013 SUMMER SOCIALJuly 13, 2013 Kremsers Landing – Montoursville, PA 
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2013 Spring Technical Meeting

April 26 – 27,  2013 – Invasive Species – Erie, PA 
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2012 Fall Technical MeetingOctober 26, 2013 H.R. Stackhouse Training Center Bellefonte, PA 

2012 Otolith Workshop – September 12-16, 2012
H.R. Stackhouse Training Center – Bellefonte, PA

2011 Electrofishing Workshop – September 12-16, 2012
H.R. Stackhouse Training Center Bellefonte, PA

2010 National AFS Meeting- September 12-16, 2010
Pittsburgh PA.

2009 Fall MeetingNovember 20, 2009
H.R. Stackhouse Training Center – Bellefonte, PA

2009 Summer Social- July 11, 2009
Lock Haven University Sieg Conference Center – Lock Haven, PA

2009 Spring Technical Training- February 4-6, 2009
A joint technical meeting with the NY Chapter AFS at the Treadway Inn in Owego, NY. “Energy and Fisheries”.

2008 Fall Technical MeetingNovember 21, 2008
H.R. Stackhouse Training Center – Bellefonte, PA. “Emerging fish health issues in and around Pennsylvania”

2008 Summer Social- July 12, 2008
Keystone Central School District Environmental Education Center

2008 Spring MeetingApril 5, 2008
A basic fish identification workshop focusing on species that are commonly encountered while sampling, but may be challenging to ID in the field

2007 Fall Technical MeetingNovember 16, 2007
H.R. Stackhouse School of Conservation in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

2007 Summer SocialJuly 14, 2007
Lock Haven University’s Seig Conference Center

2007 Spring Technical MeetingMarch 9-10, 2007
A joint two-day spring meeting with the West Virginia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. Theme- “Understanding Large Rivers”

2006 Summer SocialJuly 8, 2006
Lock Haven University’s Seig Conference Center

2006 Spring Technical MeetingMarch 17-19, 2006
A joint two-day spring meeting with the PA Chapter of The Wildlife Society. “The Raw Material of Conservation: Inventory and Ranking Species and Habitats of Concern”

2005 Fall Technical MeetingNovember 18, 2005
“Overview of the direction of WRCP” by Sara Nicholas, Wild Resource Conservation Program. “Discovery of a member of the Cambarus acuminatus complex (Decapoda) in Pennsylvania with notes on its conservation status and biology” by David Lieb, Penn State University.“Rare fishes, reptiles and amphibians of eastern Pennsylvania” by Richard Horwitz, PhD, Patrick Center for Environmental Research (PCER), Academy of Natural Sciences “Atantic sturgeon in the Delaware River: historical perspectives and present day status” by Dewayne Fox, PhD, Delaware State University

2005 Summer SocialMay 21, 2005
Lock Haven University’s Seig Conference Center

2005 Spring Technical MeetingApril 22, 2005
Electrofishing- Then and Now” by Dr. Edwin Cooper. “Pennsylvania Dirt and Gravel Road program: How it started” by Dr. Edward Bellis. “Effects of Regulations on Wild Trout” by Dr. Robert Bachman

2004 Fall Technical MeetingNovember 19, 2004
A Morphological Investigation of the Hybridization of Two Cyprinid Fishes, Luxilus cornutus and Luxilus chrysocephalus, in Pennsylvania“ by Kristin Black, Penn State University. “Assessment of the Paddlefish Reintroduction Program in Pennsylvania“ by Robert Carline, (presenter); P. Barry, D. Counahan, D. Argent, and W. Kimmel. “Reduction of Pollution from Trout Aquaculture“ by Dr. Richard W. Soderberg, Mansfield University

2004 Spring Technical MeetingApril 2, 2004
Ecological Indicators of Hypoxia in Lake Erie” by Hunter Carrick, Penn State University. “The Past and Present of Oneida Lake Fisheries: Times are a-Changin” by Randy Jackson, Cornell University. “Current Happenings and Future Directions of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission” by Douglas Austen, PFBC

2003 Fall Technical MeetingOctober 24, 2003
Effects of Environmental Contaminants on Fisheries Resources

2003 Summer SocialJuly 14, 2003
Ives Run Recreation Area on Hammond Lake

2003 Spring MeetingApril 10-13, 2003
Joint Meeting of the Pennsylvania Chapters of The American Fisheries Society, The Society of American Foresters, the Soil and Water Conservation Society, and The Wildlife Society.  “Pennsylvania’s Changing Landscape: What Does the Future Hold for Our Natural Resources?”

2002 Fall Technical and Business MeetingOctober 19, 2002
“Disturbed Ecosystems: Restoration Strategies”

2002 Summer SocialJuly 27, 2002
Stone Valley Recreation Area

Fish Identification Workshop IIIJuly 23, 2002
“Cyprinids and Catostomids of Atlantic Drainages” – Workshop Leader: Dr. Rich Horwitz, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP)

2002 Spring Meeting March 22, 2002
“Invasive Species” at Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA.

Fish Identification Workshop IIOctober 3, 2001
Catfish and Suckers” – Workshop leaders: Rick Spear (PFBC) and Renea Ruffing (Ph. Student, Penn State)

2001 Fall Technical and Business MeetingNovember 9, 2001

Fall SocialSeptember 14, 2001
Pleasant Gap Fairgrounds

2001 Spring MeetingMarch 31- April 1, 2001
Joint meeting of Pennsylvania Chapters of The American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society, entitled “Riparian Buffers: How wide and why?”